Vintage Pachinko
Products and Information for Your Pachinko Machine

Pachinko Machines for Sale

We restore and sell pachinko machines from the 1950s to the 1970s.
You can view before and after pictures of our restoration process.

Included with Every Pachinko Machine Purchase

  • A completely restored and working vintage pachinko machine ready to play!
  • Support boards so you can set the pachinko machine on a table (or upgrade to a cabinet).
  • 500 pachinko balls with a ball bucket.
  • Lights hooked up to a 9 volt battery or wall plug transformer.
  • Glass or plexiglas is installed.
  • A custom video showing how to set up and play your machine.
  • Our 2 hour DVD with information and troubleshooting tips.


Packaging, shipping and insurance through Federal Express Ground will cost $75 within the United States. Local pickup is available for free. International shipping through Federal Express is available; contact us for an estimate. More shipping details.

Optional Items


One or more lights will flash when you get a jackpot and another light will come on and stay on to let you know your supply tray in back needs to be refilled. We use all new parts and you can choose between a 9V battery and a wall plug transformer as your power source, or both for an additional $15.

Glass or Plexiglas

We prefer glass as it is easier to clean and makes a nice clinking sound as the balls bounce off it. However, if the machine gets knocked over, the glass could break. We don't ship machines with glass, so that option is only available if you are picking up your machine in person in San Antonio, Texas. Glass can be purchased at your local hardware store. Most people choose plexiglas.

Pachinko Balls

500 balls are included with your machine. We recommend 500 to 1,000 balls; the more you have, the less often you will need to refill your machine. If you would like more than 500 balls, see our Pachinko Balls page for quantities and prices.

Cabinet or Support Boards

Pachinko machines need to be stabilized so they don't fall over. Support boards are included with the cost of this machine. If you prefer a cabinet, we will reduce the price of the cabinet by $20. See our Pachinko Cabinets page for pictures and prices.