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We are out of Chrome Pachinko Balls. Our supplier is having challenges getting shipment from Japan. We cannot say for certain when we will have more balls but it might not be until 2015. We do have gold balls listed below. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Gold Balls -  25 Gold Balls - 25
Price: $10.00

Chrome Pachinko Balls

These are authentic pachinko balls from parlors in Japan. They are 11mm and weight 5.75 grams. 250 pachinko balls is the minimum you need to for your machine to operate, however, we recommend 500 to 1,000 pachinko balls so you don't have to refill your machine as often.

Gold Pachinko Balls

Gold balls add color and excitement during game play! See who can win the most gold balls or give out a prize for winning a gold ball! They are the same size and weight as chrome pachinko balls.

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