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Sanyo Restoration Manual on DVD

Sanyo Restoration Manual on DVD
Sanyo Restoration Manual on DVD
Sanyo Restoration Manual on DVD
Price: $25.00

About This Manual

Most pachinko machines are over 30 years old and need to be thoroughly cleaned in order to function properly. Dust, dirt, bugs and other things will get inside the inner workings of your pachinko machine.

  • Watch as we take apart a pachinko machine piece by piece.
  • Learn techniques for cleaning the metal and plastic parts.
  • See the proper function and adjustments of various parts.
  • Watch as we explain and reassemble the pachinko machine.
  • Learn techniques for repairing/replacing broken or missing parts.

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Additional Information

Which Manual Do You Need?

In order to send you the correct restoration manual, view the pictures below of the various machines and find one where the back of the machine looks similar to yours. If you are not sure, send us pictures and we would be glad to help identify which manual you need.









New Gin


Nishijin A


Nishijin B


Nishijin C